From my personal journal: 2 July 06

Okay, as it turns out, I’m not the first to blog about it, but I can still feel like Kim-Bob Take Out [2 W32nd St] is my own discovery because it’s not as if I thought to look it up to see how it was before going there… which counts for something, right? Right.

I actually saw this place back in January when we still lived in Massachusetts and came to the city for the kid’s birthday. We stayed at the La Quinta on the same street, but when we went out for Korean food we opted for the buffet-type place — Woorijip — further down the street, which is also excellent.

Anyway, Kim-Bob Take Out is an incredibly small place — a grown man could stand in the middle and touch both walls on either side — but when I went past it, there were at least 3 people in line. Little hole in the wall place + people queued up = probably good, so I made a note of it. And when we were in the area yesterday, we decided to try it. We were not disappointed.

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Kim-bob (or kimbob or kimbap or gimbap, as I have also learned it is called), despite looking much like sushi, actually doesn’t taste much like it — but not in a bad way. In addition to the carrots, spinach, egg, pickled radish (my personal favorite), and some ham-like substance, my husband ordered his with spicy tuna, I had the kimchi, and the kid had one with beef.

The spicy tuna was fantastic and deadly spicy, right on that cusp of being unbearable — and, to my suprise, made from canned tuna! It was like eating the best tuna salad ever. My kimchi was quite mild, tasty but not overpowering. It was good, but it did not cure my craving for a good stinky kimchi. The beef was good as well, although it seemed a little bland after the first two.

In addition to the really quite sizable rolls (you get maybe 8 or 9 pieces like those pictured), they also came with a couple big pieces of pickled radish and a small bowl of clear soup, or just broth, really, I guess. Whatever it was, it was just a little salty, like a very light miso soup — a great foil for the rolls.

The best part? Each roll (with its respective soup): $4.50. Next time, I’m trying the cheese roll. Because really, you can’t go wrong with cheese in my book.

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