Taste of Chinatown: Part III

Previously on gezellig-girl.com: the roast pork I would marry if I could, fried fish balls, and a mystery sweet that may possibly be mochi.


Restaurant 7: A Chau Deli, 82A Mulberry St.

Food: Bánh mi — which I’ve been misspelling for the past two days. Oops.

Thanks to Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches, my husband and I were already fans of bánh mi. So, I pulled this out of the wrapper, took a big bite… and almost swooned. Maybe it was just because I’d been eating fried fish balls and roast pork all day, but this sandwich was so fresh and crisp, I couldn’t stop eating it. “Dude! Take another picture before you eat the whole thing!” my husband warned.

Let me just dissect this sandwich from the outside in for you. The baguette had a crisp yet chewy crust without being too tough. The patê, something I usually find too squishy for my taste, acted as more as condiment than a meat, which was great for this sandwich because it allowed the real star of the show to shine: the vegetables.

My god, the vegetables!

Sweet, sour, salty, and yet really crunchy and fresh all at the same time. It was amazing. Even though I was rapidly approching full, I could not stop eating it — my husband had to wrest it from my hands just to get a bite. Here I am, being asked how the sandwich is (photo taken by my kid, hence the weird angle):

I swear, if I had eaten nothing but the tripe and this sandwich that day, I still would have come out ahead — that’s how good it was.

Á Châu Deli on Urbanspoon


Restaurant 8: Lung Moon Bakery, 83 Mulberry St.

Food: Cake?

I have to admit, after hogging the whole bánh mi, I was full. Not just a regular full, either — I’m talkin’ a full-on Mr. Creosote-style full — so I only managed a wafer-thin bite of this… cake ball, being held so triumphantly aloft by my kid there. I expected it to have a light cake-like consistency, but it was actually much denser, like a fudgy brownie or a carrot cake. Actually, now that I think of it, it was a lot like a carrot cake; spicy and studded with nuts and (I think) raisins.

At this point, we all really needed to walk off some of that food, so we left Chinatown for a couple hours and did some shopping.

Lung Moon Bakery on Urbanspoon


So, the kid and I are both sick today. I’ve still got four foods left to cover, but I’m gonna wrap this up when my head feels less a-splodey.

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4 thoughts on “Taste of Chinatown: Part III

  1. Y’know, I’m loathe to admit it, but I think I may have liked it better than Nicky’s — more (and better) vegetables, less paté, plus I think the bread was a little better too.

  2. You’re right.. there was a slim amount of vegs in Nicky’s. I’ll have to try it and do a banh mi roundup! Also, the Amateur Gourmet talks about Saigon Banh Mi on 138 Mott St. (between Grand and Hester Streets). I want to try that one too.

  3. I actually passed by there about a month ago and was like, “oh, hey — more banh mi! I’ll have to come back later,” and then immediately forgot about it. I need to start carrying a notebook around or something.

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