I have emerged from my Fortress of Sickitude (fashioned out of old issues of Entertainment Weekly, mortared together with snotty Kleenex) long enough to pose the following question: When you are sick, what do you crave? Old-fashioned comfort food, like the fabled chicken soup? Or maybe something more practical, like a sinus-clearing spicy food?

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10 thoughts on “Intermission.

  1. I’m internet stalking you.
    Head cold: I crave Kimchi Ramen with an egg, side of kimchi
    Stomach Flu: Mashed potatoes or polenta

    I read about your visit to Kim Bob on 32nd. OMG. For a month, I’ve been trying to figure out where I could get kimbap or how I could get a Korean restaurant to make them for me. ( I can make them myself but to make one or two is pretty sad) I have yet to go to Kim Bob BUT did order from Kofoo today. Their spicy tuna Kimbap is SPICY and their ddukbokee was super YUM.

  2. Oh, duh. I’ve had kimchi in my fridge this whole time.

    Also, I need to know what ddukbokee is.

    Lastly, the epilogue to this day in Chinatown is going to be how I made Dave walk over to the taco place we went to so I could get another fish taco.

  3. If I get a bad cold I’m usually eating something Thai spicy or Mexican spicy.

    Ditto on the potatoes/polenta if my stomach’s giving me fits.

    Sorry yr sick. That totally sucks.

  4. Ddukbokee is a spicy dish of dduk (rice cakes. mochi. usually in cylinders), onions, fish cake, cabbage, gochujang (hot red pepper paste), sesame oil, a little bit of sugar and sometimes a hardboiled egg. Its a mixture of spicy and a little sweet. The mochi is chewy and perfect.

  5. When I have a stuffy head or rattling lungs I swear by pho, with jalapenos or Sriracha sauce added to it. My husband’s standby sick cure is hot and sour soup which is actually a better one because we have Chinese restaurants that will deliver but not a pho place that will deliver.

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