I love coffee; I love tea…

And I really love teapots. Maybe I never got over that whole tea party thing little girls like to do, but man, I never grow tired of teapots. Check out these teapots mentioned over on Shelter from BeehouseTeapot.com:

Best of all, all these pots have removable screen infusers inside. I know I said this before, but I hate little floaty bits in my tea. Grosses me out. The stainless steel lids are removable too, so that you can microwave the whole teapot to heat it up while waiting for your kettle to boil.

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7 thoughts on “I love coffee; I love tea…

  1. Hey, I was thinking about interview (via email) various food bloggers for an occasional series on my food maven site (http://foodmaven.blogspot.com) and was wondering if you’d be interested. Email me if you are. I really enjoy your site and it really makes me want to go to Chinatown when we are in NYC this month!

  2. I love tea; I love tea pots even more. A guy in my food writing class has a tea pot that was owned by Julia Child. As if a teapot couldn’t get any better?

  3. whoa ho…this is a great blog…just the thing to unwind from all the coffee from 7am-7pm…maybe I should switch to tea, but that just ain’t me! Thank you so much for the butter-bell review…I’m all queasy over toast crummy and gouged out butter…not anymore!

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