Meet my butter bell’s new best friend.

I love the Pamplie butter, but at the rate we were blowing through it — at $4.39 for 8 ounces — our butter tab was starting to get a little steep. So, I put this butter in last week’s FreshDirect order:

While the Pamplie butter is creamy and rich, almost to the point of being like a cheese, this Lurpak is lighter and more, well, buttery. The “slightly salted” label is somewhat of a misnomer, though — it’s actually quite salty, saltier than the Pamplie. But at a mere $3.09 for 8 ounces, I can live with that.

Maybe I’ll save the Pamplie for when I start baking bread more often. Or maybe, as I confessed to Lisa the other day, maybe I’ll get another butter bell and have one for Pamplie butter and one for everyday making-some-grilled-cheese butter…

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8 thoughts on “Meet my butter bell’s new best friend.

  1. I found some Danish butter last year with specks of sea salt, used it to bake blondies and almost died – not to be too dramatic, of course – from how good it was. Sweet, delicious cookies with a loud butter taste and little flakes of salt crunch. It’s the stuff to build dreams on.

  2. I’m hesitating about whether or not to check these out. On the one hand, I know I’d love them. On the other hand, I know I’d love them and suddenly have a butter habit going on. What to do, what to do?

    Hell, I have no will power. I’m sure I’m buying Lurpak the moment I see it for sale. Deb’s Danish butter with specks of sea salt sounds pretty amazing too.

  3. I think now that the initial novelty of OMG SOFT BUTTER 24/7! is worn off a little, we’re back to consuming semi-normal amounts of butter. But if I ever see that sea salt butter, I am so there.

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