Post-Birthday Wrap-Up

My birthday… I managed to not take one single photo. Not one. Brilliant, I know. My birthday (which was Saturday) started out with the crankiest child ever — so much so, that around 2pm, I declared, Soviet-style, Saturday was now actually 3 November and tomorrow would be my birthday.

We did eventually make it out of the house Saturday, at least long enough to go to W32nd Street and buy a cake from… the bakery that’s not Koryodang. Further towards Broadway, have to go up a couple steps to get in? Anyone? Fine, I’ll come back and edit this later when I can track this place down.

Despite its forgettable name (Cafe Something?), the cake I picked up was fantastic. I only went there because Koryodang never has prices on anything and after I pick a couple pastries, I usually end up choking on my gum when they give me the total. Plus, I’m never sure if they take credit cards, so rather than get caught short, I doubled back to [Name TK] because they had the little credit card stickers on the door.

The cake, labeled only as “mixed fruits”, was about 3″ by 8″ and all of $7.00.  It was a layer of light white cake, a layer of whipped cream with the aforementioned mixed fruits (I think I identified strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple and maybe some pear in there), another layer of cake, and topped with more whipped cream. It was aces.

I nearly forgot — before we ate cake, we tried the mofongo from the new La Casa Del Mofongo (1447-51 St. Nicholas Ave, bet. 182 & 183 Sts.) in our neighborhood. Mofongo… the best way I can describe it is being sort of like stuffing, made with plantains, pork, and garlic, and served alongside something else (I had wonderful crispy-chewy chicken, my husband had some sort of steak). I love plantains, although I usually just make tostones with them. I think I may have to try my own mofongo now.

Man, all this writing and I still didn’t even mention to my trip to New Beef King or my return to the best banh mi ever. I’ll cover that next.

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