A quick update:

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve just been so busy reading the news online all day, I haven’t remembered to post until now. It’s all just so depressing, and yet I can’t stop reading about it. What’s going to happen next? What is this country coming to, anyway? I mean… Britney is getting a divorce? How could such a thing happen? Wasn’t their mutual love of Cheetos enough to keep their family together? Why, God, WHY?!

Anyway, that bakery I couldn’t remember the name of? Cafe Muse. My husband brought home a belated-birthday-slash-election-night-party strawberry cake from them last night. I don’t think they actually bake this stuff on-site (the cake box says Gateaux Bakery and lists locations all over NYC and NJ), but it’s still delicious — plus they included a big plastic cake knife and birthday candles.

I don’t know where they get their strawberries, seeing as it’s November now, but they were some of the best big commercial strawberries I’ve ever eaten — very juicy and flavorful with none of that toughness or astringent aftertaste big strawberries sometimes have. [Click the photo for a different shot of the whole cake.]

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