The following is the funniest joke my Jewish father-in-law has ever told me:

Q.: What do you call the ultimate Jewish dilemma?
A.: Free ham.

Because, folks, that’s how good ham — free or not — can be: that you would consider risking the mighty wrath of G-d for a piece. But sadly, unless it’s just past Easter, getting just a piece of ham for a recipe is kind of a pain.

Or maybe not. Meet Schaller & Weber’s Kasseler Rippchen, a “ready-to-eat cured, smoked & cooked pork loin chop.”

I found a recipe for macaroni met ham en kaas — macaroni Dutch-style. (Again, what qualifies it as Dutch-style is anyone’s guess. The ham?) Last night, I finally got around to making it, with one of these pork chops for the ham.

The macaroni and cheese? It was okay (and not especially photogenic, which is why you’re not seeing it here) but the ham? Oh, the ham! Tender, not too salty or too watery, and a really nice smoky flavor without being overpowering. I was so enamored with this ham, I found myself stealing pieces of it out of my husband’s and kid’s plates when they weren’t looking.

The best part is, one chop is only about half a pound, a perfect amount to add a little smoky/salty flavor to something else. Or, you know, to just scarf down straight out of the fridge when everyone else has gone to bed…

What? I can’t be freakin’ gezellig ALL the time, you know.

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