Startin’ the week with two holiday questions:

1. FreshDirect is running a promotion: an order of $40 gets you get a free 10-14 lb. turkey. Now, did you really think I could turn down a free turkey? Of course not! Why would I pay to have a nice relaxed Thankgiving in a restaurant when we could all stay home while I freak out, making a ridiculously huge meal for two adults and a preschooler, with my free turkey? Holiday memories! Yee-haw! So… yeah, any tried and tested, easy yet delightful turkey recipes for me?

2. In the last year, my husband and I have realized our kid is super sensitive to artificial food dyes — especially red. A piece of bubblegum-flavored pink Trident will turn our normally good-natured kid into a miserable, shrieking wretch. So, when I saw candy canes on the shelves Saturday, my initial reaction of yay, candy canes! was immediately replaced by shit, no candy canes? I can’t let there be Christmas without candy canes. I know this is a long shot, but do any of you know where (either online or here in NYC) I can find candy canes with no artificial color?

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3 thoughts on “Startin’ the week with two holiday questions:

  1. Oh my. I’m going away for Thanksgiving and yet I’m trying to figure out how I can store a free turkey in my tiny freezer.

    I believe Whole Foods has all-natural candy canes. They did last year.

    Also, can you email me? I want to invite you to an NYC food bloggers holiday dinner.

  2. My kid calls Whole Foods “the Nothing-Here-Has-Red-Dye-In-It Store” — I suspected they’d have candy canes. Good to know!

    I’m emailing you now!

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