I’m resisting the urge to call this post something cutesy like “leftovers!”

Thursday is Target day (and when you live NYC, just getting to Target is a project requiring a good chunk of your day), so I’m going to glom together some of the little things I forgot to mention elsewhere:

I: I never mentioned I’ve started hitting up Chinatown’s beef jerky palace, New Beef King, as recommended by Andrea over on Madison & Mayberry. I love beef jerky. Love. It. New Beef King has yet to disappoint. So far, we’ve tried:

  1. Fruit flavored beef jerky: smells like a stick of Juicy Fruit, tastes like fruity, meaty heaven
  2. Wet spicy flavor beef jerky: spicy, but not oh-sweet-jesus-I’m-going-to-die spicy
  3. Oyster flavor beef jerky: their site calls it “zesty and tasty” and I’m inclined to agree; the best so far

II: I also went back to A Chau Deli (82A Mulberry Street) and it was still as great as I remembered. For an insanely detailed post on the subject, see The Porkchop Express.

III: I recorded Top Chef last night but have not watched it yet, so don’t go blurting stuff out in the comments or anything until later.

IV: Evidently, I am the only foodblogger left on the internets who has not tried the No-Knead Bread featured in the NYTimes last week. Not only am I just kinda tired of hearing about the damn bread, but to be honest, I like kneading. Kneading bread dough is like… cooking yoga: your body is busy doing something, allowing your mind to relax and be still. Maybe this idea should be expanded into its own post.

And now, Target.

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6 thoughts on “I’m resisting the urge to call this post something cutesy like “leftovers!”

  1. Yay! I’m in the Never Tried No-Knead bread catagory as well. (I’m also in the hopeless when it comes to baking catagory, so I’m inclined to try it.) About a year ago the thing to food blog about was Amanda Hesser’s Lemon Chicken. (Very, very good, btw.)

  2. Beef jerky? There’s a place that serves beef jerky and I don’t know about it.
    The world is definitely cruel.

    Which Target do you shop at?

  3. I’m so glad you like the jerky! I need to go back for some more. About the no-knead bread… It’s gotten a lot of blogging press, yes, but it is a very cool recipe indeed for those of us who are challenged in the baking arena. Top Chef was good.. Next week’s ep looks even better though!

  4. Have you tried the Malaysian beef jerky from the store on Lizzie just south of Grand? It’s different – it’s grilled, not dried – but still delicious. The closest I can get here to what I grew up with.

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