Make Your Life… Kawaii

Gezellig Girl Fun Fact: I admit, I am a Japanophile. Not a full-on otaku, but I do have more interest than most 32 year-old American housewives.

So, when I was doing some late-night shopping yesterday and came across these new additions to their stock, I’m pretty sure I squealed.

Jiji! And Totoro! On aprons! My favorite things, together at last!

Also new at, hand towels for your kitchen:

Although I like the one with the swallow outline, frankly, I’m not sure about the lucky cat and daruma ones. A girl has to draw her geek Maginot line somewhere. A line I think I may have just crossed by writing that last sentence.

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4 thoughts on “Make Your Life… Kawaii

  1. Oh, I hear that — my Asian candy compulsion is a whole other blog entry. Shoot, if I had known, I totally would have recommended some places with the best candy.

  2. Oh My Goodness! that Totoro apron is the cutest thing ever. I have to add it to my collection of Totoro t-shirt and plush totoro. Well a little kawaii here and there is just too fun, no matter what age you are. I love everything by San-X!

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