Make Your Cookies… Something. Gezellig, Maybe; But Definitely Something.

Julie’s recent uber-gezellig post on cooking for dogs (which sent my dog-loving kid into spasms of squee over the photos) had me admiring her collection of dog-specific cookie cutters — although it took me a full cup of coffee to realize that one on the bottom right is a squirrel and not a monkey as I initially thought. (I just figured maybe her dogs really hate monkeys and want to destroy them… then the caffeine kicked in and the penny dropped.)

But what’s that you say? You want to make fun shaped cookies but you don’t have a dog? Fear not! Kitchen Collectibles is here for you to make your cookies, well, something…

Maybe you have a pet cat, or a bird, or a… road kill.

Hey — maybe you don’t even like animals! How about cookies shaped like one of your hobbies? Do you like sewing? Or tornado hunting? Maybe you play the French horn? Do you enjoy the razzle-dazzle skyline of Omaha?

Or maybe you’re just a degenerate pervert and you’ve always wanted to eat cookies shaped like underwear… or some kind of sex toy… or this

A toilet cookie.

Okay! So… if you’re a freak, get your holiday cookie cutters now at Kitchen Collectibles! Yee-haw!

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7 thoughts on “Make Your Cookies… Something. Gezellig, Maybe; But Definitely Something.

  1. Great link. That is the most varied collection of cookie cutters I’ve ever seen although I’m still puzzling over what exactly the right occasion is for a toilet cookie. Or a road kill cookie.

    Funny post! And thanks for calling my post über-gezellig. Best adjective ever! It’s an über-gezellig adjective. Someone else asked me if the squirrel was a monkey so you weren’t alone in that. It was not exactly a bushy-tailed squirrel.

  2. I have the perfect occasion for a toilet cookie cutter! My daughter is in her high school musical production of “Urinetown.” I was asked to provide some baked goods for the production’s concession stand fund raiser at the performances. What to bake . . . DECORATED SUGAR COOKIE TOILETS!!!

  3. I am going to use a toilet cookie cutter for the Relay for Life bake sales this year — the theme is flush out cancer. I have lots of people who want to buy them for the cause.

  4. So truly thankful to find this cookie cutter! I’m making lotsa cookies for my nephew’s surprise 21st birthday party, he works for a plumber. It’s perfect…super silly!

  5. I am so glad to find this cookie cutter. I knew if I just searched the www I’d find what I was looking for.

    We are raising funds to build latrines for a school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. I think this is one fundraiser that’s going to be a hit!

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