Dear A Chau Deli guy, do you like Kristen? Check one: [ ] yes [ ] no [ ] maybe

This started out as a comment on The Porkchop Express‘s post on A Chau Deli in which he noted the surliness of the kids working behind the counter. I started to protest but then my comment got pretty long-winded, so I thought it best to turn it into its own post on the matter.

So, we all know how people sometimes develop crushes on their favorite local barista — and for good reason: the friendly greeting, the small talk, with maybe a little inside info on what’s good, and then at the end, the barista hands you something wonderful, made just for you, and you leave happy.

Well, I think I have developed a barista-style crush on the kid who works behind the counter at A Chau Deli.

The fact that I’m old enough to be, if not his mother, then at least his mother’s slightly younger friend, because he can’t be more than 19 (see for yourself: I think that’s him in the baseball cap in that photo), has done nothing to dissuade me from this crushiness. Anyway, over the last couple times I’ve been there, he has:

  • recommended the #3 and the #6 sandwiches (I usually get the #6)
  • offered to make my sandwich with sriracha instead of jalapenos when I asked for something in between hot and not
  • asked if I was about to split the sandwich with my mother-in-law waiting outside and then put each half of the sandwich it its own bag
  • even made small talk with me about my kid.

All this plus the fact he’s kind of cute in a totally-not-my-type-and-probably-jail-bait-besides kind of way — and I ask you, how could I not have a wee harmless crush on him?

So, in closing, Porkchop Express Guy, I say: give the kid behind the counter another chance — or at least send your wife/girlfriend in next time and see if the kid isn’t nice to her as well.

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3 thoughts on “Dear A Chau Deli guy, do you like Kristen? Check one: [ ] yes [ ] no [ ] maybe

  1. Ha — I actually thought of you while I wrote that.

    So, on the other side of the counter… do you develop crushes on the people you serve?

  2. Totally. There is a really lovely woman who gets a cappucino and drinks it there and also this really cute kid with an afro who orders soy hot chocolate. I have total crushes on both of them. I printed out that story and posted it on the buletin board at Blue Bottle. Some of our customers tell us about the crushes that they have on other baristas there. It is really kind of adorable.

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