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What I Did On My Christmas Vacation:

When I visit my mom, there are a few foods specific to the North Shore of Massachusetts that I must eat. When we went for a visit last week, I missed out on going to Betty Ann’s Subs (home of the greatest sub pretty much anywhere, for reasons I’ll detail some other time) but I did make it over to Kelly’s Roast Beef.

Almost every North Shore town has a roast beef joint the townies are loyal to, but Kelly’s is an institution — the progenitor of the sandwich, if you believe what you read on the Kelly’s placemats. Ben and Casey Affleck argue over whether to go there in Good Will Hunting. And check out these kids who went to all five Kelly’s locations in one day. I am not as hardcore all that, so we just went to one.

As much as I love Kelly’s, I have to say the wait for your order is sometimes unexpectedly long, probably because in addition to the full dining room, there’s usually at least 5-6 cars in the drive-thru — more after the bars close.

Kelly's Roast Beef

My omnivorous friends, you are looking at one of the greatest sandwiches ever assembled: extremely rare and tender roast beef, piled onto a grilled bun and doused liberally with a spicy-sweet-smoky sauce.

Some get theirs with cheese, or mayo, or both, but I’m more of a purist and I like to savor that super-rare beef with only a little extra added to it with the sauce. Still, no matter how you order it, it’s going to be good.