Strut your stuff, cake bakin’ babies from home.

You guys were so helpful with my rosemary issues, I’m back for more!

As you may or may not know, I’m making a cake for the kid’s 4th birthday this Sunday. I briefly considered buttercream frosting until I remembered none of us really like sugary frosting. I thought about Rachel’s fluffy white frosting, but, I admit, any recipe with the phrase “soft ball stage” gives me one of those stress-induced eyelid twitches.

And anyway, the cake I’m making is so clean and neutral tasting, I’m thinking I really want flavored-yet-not-too-sweet frosting — like a semi-savory frosting.

So, seeing as I’ve made it before, I’ve decided (for the next ten minutes, anyway) on making a cream cheese frosting. However, the last time I made it (which, granted, was sometime around 1995), I remember it being somewhat heavy and hard to spread. Did I screw it up back then or is that just the nature of cream cheese frosting? Is it even possible to make a fluffy(ish) cream cheese frosting (without it becoming overly sweet)?

In other news, we’re hoping to get to to the shelter on Sunday and pick out a D-O-G in honor of the kid’s birthday (note: we’re picking one out as a family, not buying one as her gift — no need to sic PETA on me) and I’m trying to subtly puppy-proof the apartment and set up some kind of cat safe haven between now and then, so expect some infrequent posting, followed by 28 posts with dog photos and minimal food-related content: “So, I ate a sandwich today and then ZOMG THE DOG DID SOMETHING SO CUTE!!!11”

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8 thoughts on “Strut your stuff, cake bakin’ babies from home.

  1. The soft ball stage is easy! I swear. It’s basically just boiling syrup.

    re: cream cheese, add some milk if it is thick and make sure the block of cream cheese is at room temperature.

  2. I think my comment was swallowed.

    re: fluffy icing-soft ball stage is basically just boiling syrup. Easy peasy.
    re: cream cheese icing-add some milk if it is thick and make sure the block of cream cheese is room temperature.

  3. You know, really this entry could have been titled, “Dear Rachel, help me out here, eh?” but I figured I’d be nice and include everyone.

  4. Well, I have no advice at all about the frosting, cakes aren’t my thing.

    However, congrats on the (soon to be) puppy. I had a dream the other night where I got a puppy and named it “Vindaloo”, and then we started calling said puppy “Lou”.

    No, I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I think I need more coffee . . .

  5. Yeah, the whole dog thing… didn’t really pan out.

    In short, the realtor who showed us the place six months ago said “yeah, sure, no problem! okay, sign here” and today the landlord was like “wtf? we don’t allow dogs.”

    The kid was fine about it. I freakin’ cried all day.

  6. oh man…what a drag. I’ve noticed that the food blogging community is pretty much nuts about dogs…Julie at Kitchenography even posted a recipe for dog biscuits (which I made as xmas presents for my inlaws brood of puppies…they devoured them – I’m not too proud to admit they’d have devoured socks if I’d wrapped them up.) I’ll keep my fingers crossed on the dog front – and I’m sure your cat was quite suspicious as to what you were up to – and is now all the more thrilled and loves your landlord.

    Don’t worry…there are years ahead and lots of dogs to love…Best…

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