Well, I’ve made it three weeks so far.

new yearThree weeks (and two days) and I haven’t flubbed any of my 2007 resolutions. You’re impressed, right?

I’ve been keeping track of the resolutions I made for the year with the goal-setting-slash-social-networking site 43Things. I’m not going to share the whole list (although if you’re stalkerish enough, you could probably find me) but here’s my food-related goals of 2007:

Learn to bake. For several weeks this fall, my list of blog post ideas had the following item: cake autopsy. That’s how appalling my cake had been — unfit for anything but scientific dissection. However, in the past month, I’ve successfully baked not one, but two cakes, thanks to One Cake, One Hundred Desserts. Now that I can bake an edible cake, I’m going to take on pie crust and one “ooh, nice!” dessert.

Cook something I haven’t cooked before every week. This is the college blow-off course of the lot seeing as I’m pretty sure I do this anyway. It’s there for me to go, dude, I totally did this! and then congratulate myself with some pie.

Prepare wonderful bento lunches. I actually used to do this, but when the summer vegetable season waned, it got harder to pack a good looking lunch that wouldn’t spoil at room temperature. This week, my husband’s office relocates to a place with two of those newfangled gizmos — a refrigerator and a microwave — so expect more Hell Bent for Bento posts soon.

Compost my garbage. Just this morning, I found myself elbow-deep in the trash, fishing out a used coffee pod in order to compost it. That’s how committed to this goal I am. I don’t know why this goal geeks me out, but I love dropping off a big bag of rotting food scraps at the Greenmarket every week. Speaking of which…

Visit the Greenmarket at least once a week (even in winter). By now, I think everyone knows some of the reasons to eat locally grown food. However, like most mammals, I’d much rather stay in my nice warm burrow and make FreshDirect bring potatoes and apples to my door, instead of venturing down to Union Square every week.

What about you? Did you make any food-related resolutions this year?

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