Requiem for a mug.

Friends, we gather here today to celebrate the life of my Voor de Liefste Mama! coffee cup.

We first met when my brother-in-law returned from several months in Holland, and presented it to me on my first official Mother’s Day.

At the time, my husband I were living in Florida with his parents. Within the past year, we had followed our dreams and moved to Brooklyn — where neither of us found any real work and we lived off our savings and the goodwill of our families until both unceremoniously ran out.

Moving out of Brooklyn was devastating to us: we fought a lot; my husband’s stomach was in constant pain; I would burst into tears anytime a TV show had NYC in it. The only bright spot in our lives was this jolly little baby we had and marveling over her greatness.

The only other bright spot in our lives: coffee. Sweet, sweet coffee.

Every morning, I’d get up, always exhausted, and I’d pour a cup of strong, hot coffee into this cheery fake-crayoned mug. I’d drink coffee while watching BBC America — the only channel guaranteed free of reference to NYC — while trying to wake up and get over my unhappiness enough to be de liefste Mama that day.

Eventually, that mug was packed in a box and shipped to Massachusetts, where it lived in our cupboard for almost three years until it was packed up again and shipped to Manhattan. And it was here this mug met its untimely demise, losing its handle and its usefulness as a coffee cup.

And now, as this mug is laid to rest in a box of other babyhood memories, I say to it: thank you, little mug, for reminding me — encouraging me, even — to be de liefste mama. You will live on forever in my coffee-loving heart.

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4 thoughts on “Requiem for a mug.

  1. *sigh*

    my other car is a grapefruit too, but let me take a minute to share your grief over that “best mama” – mug.

    rest in peace.

  2. Don’t pack it away.

    I’m a little late reading this, but — special mugs that lose their handles make wonderful pencil/pen/scissors holders on your desk. You get to look at the mug as often as you want to!

  3. Do you want another one? With best…whatever? I can get one for you…I just found your blog with FlickR and I love it! I will follow you, there isn’t a ocean too deep! Just let me know. Bye Lisa from rotterdam ,Holland.

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