Make Your Life Gezellig with Skookum Handmade

I sat down to write this post mostly as a way to show off this cutting board I just bought.

new cutting board

Nice, isn’t it?

It’s from Skookum Handmade, a brand-new Etsy shop. In an effort to make this a real post (and not just me bragging about latest Etsy score), I asked Justin, its proprietor and a Seattle-area resident, to tell me a little more about the cutting boards he makes:

“All the wood is off cuts from the boat shop that I work in. Scraps. It is really important to me to, ease the guilt of using so much tropical hard wood, to use every bit that I can. Most of the wood in the cutting boards are rare, all are unsustainable. I take the scraps, mill them to a uniformish shape, and then glue them together. After that they are cut to shape, planed for thickness, sanded, and coated with oil. Each board takes about an hour to make. Maybe less. Much of the wood used in the boards are actually recycled from old yacht interiors. The teak and mahogany in your board are about fifty years old.”

I don’t mean to get all Rachael Ray on y’all, but come on, how cool is that?

In addition to these great cutting boards, Skookum Handmade also sells linocut prints (I’m partial to the William S. Burroughs one myself) and Justin says he’ll soon be adding some small boxes and turned wine stoppers to the store as well, and custom orders are welcome.

To visit Skookum Handmade, head to

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2 thoughts on “Make Your Life Gezellig with Skookum Handmade

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful. This comes a week too late as I I just purchased one on Damn!
    Anyway.. you have to see this gorgeous cutting board I got in Italy. It’s so beautiful (and oddly shaped), I’m scared to use it. So it just sits in the cabinet.

  2. I have a big problem involving etsy and really cute aprons that force me to buy them, so I have to stay away from there as much as possible, but you are tempting me with that fantastic cutting board, let me tell you.

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