The first time ever I saw your dinnerware…

So, there I was; pushing my kid in her stroller, headed down Broadway, from my husband’s office, heading towards Union Square.

And then I saw it. Fishs Eddy.

I stopped dead in my tracks and pressed my face to the window like an old-timey street urchin, gaping at wonders, well, like these:

When I snapped out of my must… buy… now trance, I braced myself for the seemingly inevitable NYC window shopping letdown: the price.

Ready for this? Go get your wallet. You got a $20 in there? Maybe a buck in loose change? Congratulations, you just bought everything I put on this page (including tax).

Damn, I love this town.

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5 thoughts on “The first time ever I saw your dinnerware…

  1. How funny to see this on here! While I live in the cold and distant reaches of Western New York now, I used to live in Nyack and work in NYC right near there. I used to pass by Fishs Eddy all the time! It was a very cool and interesting store. I could’ve spent so much in there if I didn’t want to spend it all on CDs. The place I used to work, Kaltech, unfortunately blew up some time ago, so I probably won’t be working near it again.

  2. I love the first mug! And I love Fishers Eddy! There’s one on Staten Island that we hit up, even better deals than the Manhattan one!

  3. I love the dishes with the skyline on them. I really want someone to make dishes with the San Francisco skyline on them.

  4. Love love love Fishs Eddy. And that old stuff lasts forever, too — I have pieces I bought there ten years ago that have survived my kid’s being the resident dishwasher all those years, a cat who has to try drinking out of (and knocking over) every glass he sees, and countless other disaster-in-the-making. I’m glad to see they’re still carrying such good looking stuff.

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