Counting myself in.

So many things are still not quite right here in, but while I’m working them out, I’ve decided I’m going to take up the Penny-Wise Eat Local Challenge next month, from 23-29 April.

And in accordance with the challenge, here’s my requested statement:

1. What’s your definition of local for this challenge?

I’m going to buy whatever’s at the various Greenmarkets.

2. What exemptions will you claim?

I can think of some items I’d eat otherwise (e.g. citrus fruits) but for this week, I’m going to try for zero. I’ll keep track of any I run into, though.

3. Will you be making any changes to our budget goals?

No, I’ll be sticking with the $121 budget (for two adults, one kid, one wage-earner).

4. Do you have any additional personal goals for the week?

I’m also going to keep track of how much time I spend planning these meals, because in order to be as close to 100% local as I can, I suspect it’s going to take more thought than usual.

It’s till a month away, and I’m already so geeked out by this challenge. I think I’ve read every label on every product in my kitchen right now, including one package of walnuts stating PRODUCT OF USA OR CHINA. Wow, way to clear that one up for me, Whole Foods.

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