ham hammity ham ham

Evidently, I learned absolutely nothing from this year’s 10 pound Thanksgiving turkey — also known as Turkey ‘Til Your Eyes Bleed ’06 — because I went and cooked a seven pound ham for Easter.

Seven pounds. For two adults and a four year old. Even assuming there’s a pound’s worth of bone, fat, and other inedible bits, that’s still two pounds of pork per person.

Since Sunday, it’s been ALL HAM ALL THE TIME.

Ham for lunch!1

ham for lunch!

Ham for dinner!2

ham for dinner!

Ham eaten standing in front of the fridge at 11:30pm!3

I am running out of ways to polish off this ham. I already put the bone and some of the meat in the freezer to make soup (although really, how much more soup-eating weather could possibly be left?) and I still have… I don’t know, two pounds or so in the fridge.

So, what would you do with all that ham?4

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  1. FreshDirect’s cornichons are like crisp, spicy little nuggets… of crack. I eat a handful of them a day. []
  2. With pasta, asparagus, and my new favorite vegetable: broccolini []
  3. Not pictured. []
  4. Snarky remarks from vegans = I will come to your office and pelt you with ham slabs until you cry. Or barf. []

5 thoughts on “ham hammity ham ham

  1. you could dice it up in quiche.

    we do the same thing too, always end up with far too much thanksgiving bird and never know what to do with it, get totally sick of it, never wanting to see it again.

    my dad makes a ton of ham or turkey fried rice with The Big Meal leftovers.

  2. Scalloped potatoes and ham, Denver (or Western) omelets. I like a good ham sandwich myself with cheese – cheddar or plain old American is good and yellow mustard – though Jezebel sauce is yummy with ham too. Ham salad? Never had it, but it sounds… interesting.

  3. When I was single, I bought half a ham, then turned to Joy of Cooking for advice on baking it. The entry opened with the quote, “Eternity is two people and a ham.”

    That said, I love ham and could happily eat it standing in front of the open fridge as you did. But before you totally get sick of it, slice some into thick slabs and freeze them, maybe separated with wax paper or plastic so you can thaw them individually. A month from now, it will taste new a delicious and wonderful to you again. Freezing also works for leftover turkey. At least in theory–we almost always just devour it, leaving none to freeze.

  4. “Eternity is two people and a ham” cracked me up so much, my kid stopped watching television long enough to ask what’s so funny over there.

    Freezing the big pieces individually is brilliant. I think I’m going to use up the smaller pieces tonight (the aforementioned ham fried rice sounds terrific) then freeze the bigger pieces for later.

  5. Kristen! I made an 8 lb ham for 4 people.. And I’m so sad I don’t have more leftovers. While i was carving it I kept thinking that I should’ve gone for a 10-pounder. Ham freezes wonderfully. As Terry B said, wrap your slices individually. I just fill those s’wich Ziplocks with small pieces of ham and then take them out when an occasion arises. Like in omelets for breakfast; on biscuits for lunch or b’fast; or in jambalaya for dinner. Or I can just come over and take some of that ham off your hands!

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