Good news/Bad news

Good! Saturday’s Taste of Chinatown was as excellent as ever, and I have photos (although less than I took last time) to show for it. Meanwhile, you can read my post about Pinkberry (where we went after ToC Saturday) on Accidental Hedonist.

Bad! I’m not going to do the Eat Local Challenge — not this week, anyway. Like I’ve said before, the last week of the month always has us a bit skint, (particularly when you’re waiting on a long-overdue freelance check), so this isn’t the best time. I am going to do it, just not this week.

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4 thoughts on “Good news/Bad news

  1. I have done my share of freelancing—and still do on occasion—so I totally understand. Can’t wait to see your take on Taste of Chinatown. I generally avoid such events, but your guided tour sounds like a blast.

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