Hiatus: over.

Do you know how much stuff I’ve been doing lately? It’s crazy. Let me sum up, list-style:

  1. I got sick. For like, a full week. This never happens.
  2. The house fell into a shambles.
  3. I started tidying up and the kid got whatever I had.
  4. She got over it, then I had to embark on mad cleaning spree.
  5. My mother-in-law came to visit for a few days.
  6. At the same time, my father-in-law and his wife came by as well.
  7. I got accepted to The New School.
  8. Everyone went home.
  9. I just stared into space for a day, recovering from all that human interaction.
  10. I sorted out all my financial aid.
  11. I met with my academic advisor and registered for classes.
  12. I have not cooked a single thing worth mentioning in several weeks. Not a damn thing.

I did, at least, go to a couple places worth noting:

Landmarc (at the Time Warner Center) is now officially my go-to spot for taking out-of-town guests. It’s casual enough that you can go there after walking around all day, but the menu is still pretty impressive. (I had the hangar steak, which was fantastic.) The kids menu is freakin’ brilliant, and we nearly came to blows over who got the last bite of the little crème brûlée.

Jerusalem Restaurant is so tiny, we almost walked right past it. I love shawarma, and this place did not disappoint; the Jerusalem Salad platter was as delicious as it was huge.

best dumplings everTasty Dumpling — which I actually went to for the first time during the Taste of Chinatown I never wrote about — has usurped Fried Dumpling as my new favorite dumpling joint. Five dumplings, one dollar; same as Fried Dumpling, but the dumpling… dough(? wrapper? exterior?) at Tasty Dumpling is chewier and, well, tastier, possibly because they’re fried a little more than the ones at Friend Dumpling (ironically enough).

Back here in Maison Gezellig, we bought a new rice cooker and a new coffee maker. I’m so enthralled with both of them, it’s having deleterious effects on my digestion.

Also, I’ve finally picked a week for my Eat Local Challenge: May 21-27, one of the few full weeks without anyone visiting, having a birthday, celebrating Mother’s Day, or starting classes. This time, it’s eat local or bust.

So, what have you guys been up to? Anything good?

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13 thoughts on “Hiatus: over.

  1. I meant to ask you what kind of coffee maker you got – because I am deeply interested in all things coffee related as you know – but then I never did.

  2. At the risk of having you stop talking to me, I use the Senseo machine with the little coffee pods.

    My anxiety disorder leaves me really sensitive to caffeine, and making coffee in the French press eventually became too much of a gamble, risking a panic attack if I made the coffee just a smidge too strong that day.

    So, the Senseo makes me a little measured dosage of tasty caffeine. Sadly, American Senseo brand pods are undrinkable shite, but FreshDirect makes a dozen or so different pods that are all pretty great.

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