Countdown to Eat Local Challenge

First, let me say, I am in a cooking — and blogging — rut.

My kitchen started to fall into disarray while my mother-in-law was visiting: the sink and counter filled with dishes, the floor became a dumping ground for the stuff we bought while she was here. It fell even further into decay when my husband worked late for almost a week straight, which meant a week of ordering oh-god-so-hungry-get-whatever-take-out-you-want at 9pm and calling it dinner. Yesterday, I composted or threw out more food than I’d like to admit to, leaving my fridge pretty barren.

Which, I guess, is a pretty good place to start if I’m buying all local, all week.

So. Seeing as Saturday is the biggest Greenmarket day of the week, I might pick up a few things tomorrow and hold onto them until the official start of the Eat Local Challenge week. Right now, my shopping list looks like this:

  • a chicken
  • a dozen eggs
  • milk
  • bread
  • whatever fruits and vegetables look good
  • cheese (maybe)
  • butter

Otherwise, I guess I’m just going to buy whatever looks good, within reason.

I’m really eager to see how this is going to turn out.

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4 thoughts on “Countdown to Eat Local Challenge

  1. I’m already on it; CSA pickup started last week. We are dedicated to eating a lot of greens, whether we like it or not!

  2. We belonged to an organic delivery service a couple years ago, and I found I just couldn’t deal with getting a box of random produce and having to cook it in some way.

    I could probably manage it now, but at the time, I was like, “.. The fuck? Chard? Oh, I am so canceling this right now.”

  3. Well, leafy green-wise, you haven’t lived until your child exhibits the gag reflex. Luckily, she’s growing out of it.

  4. Ha! Oh, man.

    No, my kid’s only gagged on something once, the very first thing I let her eat on her own: a Cheerio-like piece of cereal.

    And I FREAKED OUT so much and whipped her out of her high chair so fast, I caught her leg on the tray and left a bruise. Not my finest moment.

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