ELC Day 1: At the grocery store.

Well, with all this iced coffee I’ve been drinking, I’m really blowing through the milk. The Columbia Greenmarket didn’t have any (or was gone by the time I got there) yesterday, and evidently, on Mondays, the only Greenmarket in Manhattan is Union Square.

Instead, I went to Frank’s Gourmet Market and bought the following:

Grand total (including tax on the soda): $7.94

Grand total to date: $27.79

Otherwise, I’ve decided I am going to use what I have on hand, and just see that all the things I buy this week come from as close to home as possible. Turkey thighs adobo, here I come.

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One thought on “ELC Day 1: At the grocery store.

  1. My neighbour is part Philipino and she taught me to make chicken adobo last year. We use just vinegar soy sauce some garlic powder and fresh ground pepper. She has this method where she puts a glug of vinegar into the pot (nowhere near the cup mentioned in that wikipedia article and she cooks for at least 5 people) and then pours in the soy sauce until, when you look into the pot from very low on the side, you can see about 1mm of the clear vinegar above the dark soy sauce. then she sprinkles garlic powder over the top to cover the surface and a bit of pepper. She uses frozen chicken which I guess is the reason for her not using water in her recipe. She just pretty much dumps the chicken into the pot ans lets it simmer until all the chicken is done.

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