In non-ELC news…

I am becoming semi-obsessed with Orbit gum.

I’ve never really been a gum person, but I grabbed a pack of their Mint Mojito flavor while waiting at the Target checkout a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic: not sickly sweet or punishingly minty, but a nice minty flavor with an undercurrent of lime.

Since then — because I have yet to find that flavor again — I have tried Citrusmint (good but too baby aspirin-tasting to be great), Lemon-Lime (Gatorgum-esque!), and Sweet Mint (my new favorite; it tastes like candy canes).

What is your checkout line impulse buy? Gum? Trashy magazines?

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14 thoughts on “In non-ELC news…

  1. I love the Mint Mojito Gum! I bought it about a month ago. When I popped it in my mouth the first thing I thought of was making a Mint Mojito Cheesecake, don’t know if it exists yet, and haven’t made it yet, but man it sounds good!

  2. Well, the other day, I was at CVS and saw a new flavor of Orbitz – “Mint Mojito”. I have always been intrigued by the mojito, but had never had one, so I decided to try the gum. Well, now I believe I am officially addicted. The flavor at the beginning is a little weird, but after a little while it mellows out into almost an herbal mint tea flavor. YUM!

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