ELC Day 4: notes on the halfway point

For lunch today, I ate most of the cheese I bought yesterday. I wish I had noted where I bought it from, because it’s heavenly; creamy and studded with caraway seeds, I had to force myself to tuck the rest away for later.

And why do I need to do that? Because I feel like I’m almost out of food yet again. I have some spinach in the fridge (more on the yesterday’s dandelion greens in a moment), two eggs, half a pint of tomatoes (which the kid and I are slowly polishing off) turkey sausage, almost a whole loaf of bread, milk, and one apple. (And a little bit of cheese, which I may or may not eat an hour from now.)

Here’s what I’ve cooked so far:

Monday: turkey adobo with rice and a pineapple-jack fruit relish-type-thing; turkey thighs from the Greenmarket, the rest came from my cupboards

Tuesday: scrambled eggs with toast and roasted asparagus; all from the Greenmarket

Wednesday: turkey thighs poached in red wine (like a really half-assed coq au vin) with dandelion greens; almost all from the Greenmarket, except the wine and an onion

And ugh, the dandelion greens. Look, I’m no stranger to dandelion greens; I ate them in salads at my grandparents’ table every spring. I knew these big ones would be tougher and more bitter than the small ones, so I cooked them like kale, but they were so bitter, they were actually inedible. I can’t even remember the last time I cooked something inedible.

So, yeah. I’ll cook the sausage (in some as-yet unknown fashion) and the spinach tonight, we’ll eat the rest of the tomatoes and the last apple… and then I’m going to need to go the Union Square Greenmarket again tomorrow.

I’m getting a little pissed at how much of my time this is taking, seeing as it takes the better part of an hour to get to Union Square. I could go to a slightly closer Greenmarket at 97th and Columbus, but a new market is such a crap shoot. They might have everything I want/need; they might have nothing I want/need.

More later.

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  1. “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.” Seriously, Kristen, I don’t think I’d be up to this. Has there been any talk of mutiny at home?

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