ELC Day… something… 5?

Went to the Union Square Greenmarket today. Maybe I’m just tired of going there or maybe there were less farmers there because it’s the Friday before a long weekend, but I just didn’t see a damn thing I wanted. I still bought the following:

– apples ($3.00 for 3 lbs)1
– gai lohn ($3.00)2
– 1/4 lb of cheddar and slightly more than 1/4 lb of… some other cheese ($11.00 total)3

Grand total: $17.00

Grand total to date: $80.28

Then I went across the street and filled a veritable trough at Whole Foods’ salad bars because it was an absolutely magnificent 80-something degree evening outside, so we went back across the street and ate, sitting in the grass in the park.

I won’t lie; I took no small amount of glee in filling my plastic take-away bin with whatever the freakin’ hell I felt like. Thai mango slaw! Tomatoes of unknown origin! Some kind of icebergy lettuce salad with bacon!4

My patience is really wearing thin for this whole experiment. I actually found myself standing in my kitchen, plotting all the non-local foods I was going to eat on Monday: French cheeses, cherries from California, a piece of steak that costs less than a car.

I’m going to save my final conclusions for Monday, but so far, they’re not the conclusions I would have expected.

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  1. Good god, I could really go without eating another damned apple for a good six months at least. []
  2. The same stand was selling “broccoli rapp” and that just cracked me up. []
  3. I will never complain about cheese prices again after this week. I still can’t believe I just paid $11.00 for two wee bricks of cheese. []
  4. BAAAAAACONNNNNNN! That is all. []

4 thoughts on “ELC Day… something… 5?

  1. Surprisingly, you are really making me want to do this now since I couldn’t cook the week of the actual challenge. I’m wondering how different our experiences would be.

  2. Gosh, I haven’t checked in for awhile so didn’t know you were doing this, but it doesn’t sound like fun. Food should be good! Weren’t the apples lousy? Where did they come from? If they were local they must have been in storage all winter…

    I believe in eating locally within reason; I’m no longer buying water, for instance, from near or far, but I’m not going to torture myself or my family, or eat rotten food, either. The hell with all the self-righteous eat-local bastards.

  3. It was odd — each apple was either fantastic or rubbish. I think it depended on which cultivar of apple it was, and of course, I never remembered which ones were which.

    It was not very fun, I will admit.

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