I think I’ve made that soda joke before, but I don’t care… I’m in love.

As you may know, when I cut high fructose corn syrup out of my diet, it meant the end of virtually all soda. But then, last week, on my way to class, I stopped in the bodega between my apartment and the subway, looking to grab a bottle of water. I noticed the cooler was stocked with some unusual stuff — and then, there it was…


Ting!Imagine, if you can, a Fresca made with real grapefruit juice and sugar.

Then, imagine it’s even better than that and that’s pretty much what Ting tastes like.

It’s soury-sweet, like a really good grapefruit, with a sediment of grapefruit pulp (it’s 6% “real Jamaican grapefruit” juice, according to the label) at the bottom of the bottle, much like an Orangina.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet it would be a good mix with a flowery gin, like a Tanqueray, but for now I’m okay with just drinking it straight until it gives me ulcers.

Sweet, fruity ulcers.

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10 thoughts on “Soda-licious

  1. I didn’t realize Ting was available in the States without special ordering it… of course, out here in Northern CA that’s probably still the case!

    One more reason I love New York City…

  2. Funnily enough, I was just looking at the US distributors of Ting as you posted this. There’s a contact number for the LA distributor who may know if/where you could find it closer to you.

  3. Hi Kristen I generally lurk, but wanted to tell you how glad I am to see you posting again. I think I remember noting your status recently as feeling “burnt out.” Just wanted you to know you were thought of and missed. Hope your gazelligness is fully restored!

    And now I’m going to go find some Ting to sparkle up my Tanqueray!

  4. This sounds tart and delicious! Regarding the whole high fructose corn syrup thing, I know this sounds crazy, but what about diet soda? I used to drink only the sugary stuff, but one day at the gym, I noticed that all my time on the treadmill that day had burned off the equivalent of a can of soda. If I was going to burn calories, I wanted it to be something better than that, so I switched to diet soda that very day.

  5. I love Ting! I used to get it all the time when I lived in Toronto. Good with a hot channa roti from a local West Indian roti shop…

  6. I just noticed Ting among the Top 100 of Saveur Mag (1-07 issue); I avoid anything with HFCS in it and I’m not crazy about white sugar either. You might want to check out Izze if you crave soda. Very tasty – and less expensive in NYC Starbucks ($1.65 each) than CA – where I believe it’s made – how did that work out?

  7. Ting is available in the San Francisco area from — $33/case (free shipping over 5 cases). Ridiculously pricey? YES. Unbelievably tasty, especially if you can find someplace to buy CSR (a really light rum from St. Kitts) to mix with it. Just came back from Nevis where CSR and Ting is a standby — it’s the BEST!

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