My life has found a new purpose…

from…to cook all 101 meals listed in today’s NYTimes article from “The Minimalist” Mark Bittman — Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less.

Okay, now that I look at it, maybe I’ll cook 90-ish of these meals.

I’m not going to cook a lobster (#12), because picking the scraps of meat out of a lobster’s insect-like exoskeleton grosses me the hell out.

And #91 and #58 — liver? — eeugh, that’s right out.

But still!

The rest, for the most part, sound good. In fact, I think I may make #47 this afternoon.

What are you going to make first?

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8 thoughts on “My life has found a new purpose…

  1. I hadn’t seen this amazing list yet. Thanks, Kristen! And I’m right there with you on lobster. Well, maybe not being grossed out by it, but what a lot of work for not much pay-off, in my book.

  2. Also, even though I’ve seen pictures and video of Mark Bittman, I always think of him as looking like that guy from House.

  3. Great article… just did #19 as I was starving and am working from home today. No lobster or liver for me either, and #s 17 & 74 will also be on my “skip” list – somehow the whole concept of sardines is more than I can overcome, even to try!

  4. It’s surprising how much eggs comes up in the options.. I dont know why I have a block against eggs for dinner but it really is an excellent option, esp. in the numerous ways bittman suggests.

  5. Terry — Which guy from ‘House’?

    Jay — I’m also skipping anything that mentions tentacles.

    Andrea — I love eggs for dinner, probably because I never eat them for breakfast.

  6. You know, House, the lead character—Brit actor Hugh Laurie. And I know Bittman doesn’t look a thing like him—it’s just that’s who I [for whatever reason] pictured, reading his columns.

  7. Ha! Now I’ll have to resist doing the same, otherwise I’ll never get any cooking done. I’ll just look at the list and keep going, “Mmmm, Hugh Laurie…”

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