101 Simple Meals: #14 (sort of)

Last night, I cooked #14 from Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less.

Description: “Put a few slices of chopped prosciutto in a skillet with olive oil, a couple of cloves of crushed garlic and a bit of butter; a minute later, toss in about half a cup bread crumbs and red chili flakes to taste. Serve over pasta with chopped parsley.”

#14 (sort of): Pasta with Prosciutto

Notes: I put the water on to boil for pasta… then, you know, just to kill a little time, I started looking at YouTube clips of David Tennant.

Next thing I know, the water’s boiling full tilt and I’m all googly-eyed, thinking about foxy 945-year-old Time Lords, while haphazardly chopping and throwing stuff into a frying pan. Anyway, it gets made, we eat it, and it’s fantastic.

I go to put the leftovers away and there it is: the bread crumbs. Evidently, I never did put ’em in. It was still really good; I just wonder how much better it would have been with the bread crumbs. I could blame David Tennant, but that would just be wrong.

Rating: Excellent (more or less).

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14 thoughts on “101 Simple Meals: #14 (sort of)

  1. I just had to comment to say that David Tennant is mine. But only when in the character of Dr.Who. Although, the Earth Day clip of him was yummy too.

  2. Well, being a Time Lord and all, I think he can probably pencil us both into his schedule.

    That sketch with Catherine Tate is hilarious.

  3. My fiance shaved off his beard a couple of months ago (we’ve been together for 7 years, and the beard has been there the whole time). And suddenly he bears a striking resemblance to David Tennant. That had to be the bestest surprise ever.

    Recipe #14 reminds me a little of the simple Jamie Oliver one, using anchovies. Maybe it’s a fatty ‘meat’ + pasta = goodness equation.

  4. I dont remember which number recipe it is but the other night I oven-baked eggs in a bit of cream with tomatos and Parm and ate it with bread. Quick, easy, yummy. I’m a fan.

  5. Really? (in response to the eggs; not the husband resemblance.) What didnt you like about the baked eggs? I made two of them — and one was perfect but the other one did overcook a bit I guess just from where it was in the oven. But the added tomato and Parm was a nice touch to the eggs.

  6. Yummy dinner idea. But something about David Tennet’s face just seems off to me. It distracted me all through Series 2. Is it his pointy chin? I don’t know.

  7. Andrea: A couple years ago, when I had (and used) a Costco membership, I had about 8 dozen eggs that I kept trying to find new uses for. I made a frittata, maybe? It was just really rubbery and unpleasantly eggy.

    Rachel: You know, it’s weird. I actually kind of agree with you. It’s like my brain says meh and yet, my pants say OH YEAH.

  8. For me, the David Tennant thing is more about the sex appeal, the fact that he is playing Dr. Who, is an added bonus coming from a long time DW lover. I am ashamed to admit to having major crushes on several of the incarnations. If you watch the video Kristen has linked on the post, your pants will spontaneously combust.

    And I agree with it being simular to one of Jamies recipes. Jamies hot too.

    Hey, can I add you as a friend on Facebook? That way I can stalk you on there too.

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