H2O = $$$

After reading the editorial in yesterday’s NYTimes, I’m kicking the bottled water habit for good.

To that end, I bought a new Nalgene bottle!


Promoting the following campaign!

Refill Not Landflll

Best of all, proceeds from the limited edition Refill Not Landfillâ„¢ Nalgene bottles will go to Native Energy, supporting their mission to help build Native American, farmer-owned, community based renewable energy projects that create social, economic, and environmental benefits.


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6 thoughts on “H2O = $$$

  1. Amen, sister! I have a couple cases of bottled water in my closest, hangers-on from a 4th of July picnic, but I’ve been a Brita pitcher girl for a long time. I know I probably don’t even need that, but I figure six bucks a month for a filter is a reasonable compromise for kicking the bottled-water habit. Now the hunt is on for a bottle that will fit in my car’s cup holder so I can fill ‘er up when I’m on the go. The handy-dandiness of the bottles for the car is hard to beat. Yours looks nifty. But it looks pretty wide.

  2. Ninjas? I am so envious! The kid is semi-obsessed with ninjas these days, which is good in a way because I can keep reminding her that ninjas are actually really quiet.

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