101 Simple Meals

101 Simple Meals: #29

Description: “Chop prosciutto and crisp it in a skillet with olive oil; add chopped not-too-ripe figs. Serve over greens dressed with oil and vinegar; top all with crumbled blue cheese.”

#29: prosciutto and figs over greens

Notes: At last! Here’s how I used those figs. I threw this together fairly late one night when we realized we hadn’t eaten dinner yet because it seemed the easiest to make (hence the wonky looking photo).

Wow, was this good. The figs, once cooked, were sweeter and had a velvety texture. (And really, is prosciutto ever not good?) And then, the figs paired with the blue cheese… brilliant.

Rating: The only meal I’ve made twice already, which is saying a lot.


  • french tart

    i’m so trying this for dinner tonight. i have a boatload of figs just sitting around that i’ve been snacking on and wondered what to do with them to make them really exciting. presto! add pig!

    bacon (and/or prosciutto) make everything better.