101 Simple Meals: #81

Description: “Combine crab meat with mayo, Dijon mustard, chives and tarragon. Serve in a sandwich, with potato chips.”

#81 with tomato

Notes: My first instinct is always to say “oh, I don’t like crab” but once I think about it, I realize I’ve only had imitation crab.

Well, this was canned crab — and I don’t like that either.

It wasn’t bad; in fact, I ate most of before turning the rest over to my husband. It was just flavorless, except for a somewhat… oceany aftertaste. Really, the best part of this sandwich was the yellow tomato I put on it. Maybe I should just get real crab and try this again.

Rating: Eh.

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8 thoughts on “101 Simple Meals: #81

  1. Canned crab is not the same – at all. Definitely try this again.

    Also… yellow tomato? Now that sounds delicious!

  2. I agree. Canned crab is evil. REAL crab though…
    I grew up in Eureka, CA, which is right on the coast and way up toward Oregon (in the redwoods) where I was lucky enough to experience crab season. There was this one place we could go, where you could go in their little shack to get fresh crab and once you told them how many you needed, if you watched them, the person in the rubber apron behind the counter would go into the back and tell someone your order and they would walk down to their crab traps and pull out the number you needed. It was amazing. Of course, I never really appreciated any of it until I grew up and moved to Montana where fresh seafood (if you can find it) means frozen and ready to thaw. Definitely try it again.

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