101 Simple Meals

101 Simple Meals: #23

Description: “The New York supper: Bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon. Serve with tomatoes, watercress or arugula, and sliced red onion or shallot.”


Notes: I think I’m a bagel prude. I like my (never raisin and never ever blueberry) bagel with cream cheese and, if I’m feeling especially sassy, maybe tomato. So, I stuck with the basics here: bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon.

Anyway, I’m from an almost totally goyim town, so maybe you’ll understand why I had never eaten smoked salmon before this salmon I bought at Zabar’s yesterday.

Sweet fancy Moses, it’s like… Kosher bacon.
Fatty, smoky, salty — if G-d told me bacon was off-limits, this would be the first place I’d turn, too. I think the Zabar’s salmon was especially good, as even my husband said it was the best he’d ever eaten.

Rating: Fifteen hours after eating this, I already want to eat it again.