My green-grinch heart just grew three sizes.

This will mean virtually nothing to anyone living outside of FreshDirect’s delivery zone, but I’m all ecogeeked-out over FreshDirect’s new environmental goals.

Here are my favorite parts of the email I just got:

“In the coming year, we’ll work to increase our selection of fish certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. And by the end of 2007, our Seafood Department will display the sustainability status on each product.”

“FreshDirect has partnered with Tri-State Biodiesel, a NYC-based company dedicated to providing the region with clean, renewable biodiesel sources. Tri-State uses cooking oil donated from our kitchen for use in non-toxic diesel fuel. In the next year, we plan to initiate biodiesel use in 100% of our delivery fleet. This action will both reduce emissions and cut back our use of fossil fuel products. Additionally, we are working with the city to identify locations for electrical outlets so we can plug in our trucks and refrigerate using electric engines. We hope to have our first plug-in truck in mid-2008.

And best of all…

“We’re proud to announce that within the next 3 years, we’ll eliminate nearly all of our cardboard delivery boxes, replacing them with recyclable plastic totes and grocery bags. Since our facility was designed with cardboard boxes in mind, switching our systems will involve a complex re-engineering process. We believe these efforts will drastically reduce our use of cardboard and eliminate any challenges we currently face with under-packed boxes.”

Oddly enough, as I was breaking down my boxes from my last FD order, I was thinking there had to be some sort of reusable containers the groceries could be delivered in, but I immediately dismissed the thought as being impossible. Glad to see someone at FreshDirect is smarter than I am.

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2 thoughts on “My green-grinch heart just grew three sizes.

  1. So glad, they’re planning on phasing out the cardboard boxes. In my very first order, I opened up a box and found ONE item.

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