Birthday suggestions:

I’m taking suggestions for what to do/see/eat on my birthday (which is this Sunday).

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3 thoughts on “Birthday suggestions:

  1. Regarding the eating option: Eat something you’ve never had before—in fact, a meal of things you’ve not had before, if possible: starter, veg, and all the rest. Just a thought.

    What my son has done as a birthday thing for many years now is to pick something to learn in the coming year—a skill, such as stonecarving, or a language, such as German or Italian, a particular kind of cooking, etc. The habit has led him in some interesting directions.

  2. Hang out with me of course. duh.
    The japanese curry place where they are dressed up as gorillas. The NY times had a review on them a few weeks ago.
    Chicken wings in Flushing.
    Sticky toffee pudding at Tea & Sympathy
    Little Pie Company
    Visit me

  3. 1) Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpio

    2) have dim sum

    3) take the train to Cold Spring and wander around – love Cold Spring in the Fall with the crisp air blowing across the water

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