It’s beginning to taste a lot like Xmas…

To wit: It’s back! It’s back! My Starbucks seasonal coffee monkey is back on… my back. Hmmph. That could have come out better but I don’t care!

Tuesday afternoon, I was heading downtown to visit my academic adviser to pick next semester’s classes1. I was really early so I popped over to pick up a cup of coffee and finish listening to the podcast I was listening to2… and then I saw it. Starbucks, all decked out in red and silver trimming.

I’m pretty sure I did a little dance as I waited, all the while, thinking, Peppermint mocha! No, wait, gingerbread latte! No! The eggnog one! Yeah! No, wait!

I eventually settled on the eggnog one — and it was just as good as I remembered it being.

And now, before you know it, it’ll be time to hang my new favorite tree ornament:


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  1. Intensive Intermediate French and Finding Your Voice in Nonfiction, for those of you following along at home. []
  2. File on 4’s podcast about racism in the justice system in Texas. It was an awesome piece of journalism and I suggest you all listen to it: []

7 thoughts on “It’s beginning to taste a lot like Xmas…

  1. Yes! I get the same Starbucks/X-mas rush of excitement. I thought of you while I drank a peppermint mocha today…oh, and Jesus and his suffering for my sins, natch…

  2. As someone who lives overseas where there isn’t (yet) a Starbucks, what’s the diff between the eggnog one and the pumpkin spice latte? I was in Atlanta Sat and had my first PS latte, and while good, it seemed to be just coffee with whipped cream and nutmeg (ducking flying objects)- did I miss something? Don’t get me wrong, it was really good, but not something I can’t do at home (I think). So, eggnog being also a nut-meggy type beverage, I wondered how they distinguish it- or is the key that they are never sold at the same time and are actually the same thing, just has the names changed according to the season???

    Need to try to create the gingerbread one- that sounds scrummy too….

  3. The eggnog one is made with eggnog, so it’s very rich and creamy and, well, eggnoggy.

    I think the gingerbread one is probably my least favorite; if they go the slightest bit overboard with the gingerbready… whatever it is, mix, powder, whatever, it becomes overwhelming and sometimes undrinkable.

  4. OOOoohh, the eggnog one sounds scrummy! I always loved the eggnog milkshakes at McDo during the Christmas season.

    ,….gotta get working on a copycat for this…

    I liked the gingerbread one, but was unimpressed, bc all I got that seemed gingerbread-y was the powder on top.

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