Shove off, Toblerone.

I have a new Swiss favorite: raclette.

My mother-in-law sent me a gift certificate from my birthday, and I promptly went out and bought this grill/griddle/raclette maker.

raclette night

So, that’s the raclette cheese, some salami, cornichons and small Yukon Golds.

First, a warning. The raclette cheese… how can I put this delicately?

It smells like a hobo’s ass in August. It is seriously rank — to the the point that I had a backup cheese, just in case.

Anyway, you put the cheese into the little trays, then slide them under the grill until they look like this:


Fortunately, all raclette’s ass-like aroma magically dissipates with the application of heat, because once melted, the cheese was delightful and very mild.

raclette avec pomme de terre

Giant globs of melted cheese? Come on. You know it’s good.

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7 thoughts on “Shove off, Toblerone.

  1. Ha ha, you probably first thought the cheese was off, hmm? The French have a saying that good cheese must stink, and raclette is one of them. I also like Tilsit, Gruyere and Morbier with a raclette grill, melting away in the little raclette pans….

    Okay, I’ll stop dreaming now and get some raclette ingredients for the festive period!

  2. Did you griddle the meat on the top? That makes so much smoke, we like to call it “ambience…”. Snort. I prefer the taste of raw salami, but I am in the minority, so raclette night ends up with the dining room looking like the inside of a cheesy 80’s nightclub…

  3. Carmen: I smelled it as soon as I bought it, so I knew it wasn’t spoiled or anything. I do think I’ll try a Gruyere or an Emmenthaler next time. And get it sliced! Hacking a half-pound chunk of cheese into slices was a pain.

    Cheryl: I did cook a couple of the slices of salami on top, then threw on some of the potatoes to cook in the grease. It was delightful. The griddle flips over to be a grill. I haven’t used it yet, though, just for that reason: I fear having a smoke-filled kitchen.

  4. To be honest, I’ve never heard of this until reading your post. But I have to say, “It smells like a hobo’s ass in August” almost made me wet my pants laughing. Thankfully I wasn’t eating or drinking at the time I read it, otherwise I might have needed the Heimlich.

    It looks delicious though!

  5. Fen Tiger- ME TOO! which set me off on thinking…”Hmmm, compared to a hobo’s ass at other times of the year? What is it about August? I mean, I know it’s hot, but when you wear ALL your clothes through winter, that has to be pretty special in the smell dept too..”

    Kristin- have you seen the massive raclette machines that take a half wheel of the stuff and you scrape it off as it melts? That probably smells like a hobo’s ass convention! I will say that the people I have seen here use the raclette machine (in France) use the griddle side for the meat- maybe they don’t have a flip-able grill, maybe they are just lazy, I don’t know…I will say 2 things about the smoke- it dissipated pretty quickly and didn’t leave a lasting smell (we were in a 4th floor apt, but we had the windows open, if I recall correctly).

    REALLY enjoy your blog! :-)

  6. Totally off topic and in case you don’t go back to older blogs to read comments. The blog “A chicken in every Granny cart” says that Veselka’s Christmas Borscht is back.

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