Resolutions: 2007 — the wrap-up

I made some food-related resolutions around this time last year. Let’s see how they turned out!

Learn to bake. Although I never did make a third baked good, more importantly, I realized I’m no longer afraid to bake something new. I made cakes, I made frosting, I made a pie crust — and I already knew how to bake yeast bread. I think I can count this one as done.

Compost my garbage. I’m fairly proud of this goal. You can read the details of it here. If I had to estimate, I’d guess I composted about… 300 pounds of food scraps this year. (Wow. I even surprised myself with that one.)

Visit the Greenmarket at least once a week (even in winter). I think I made it there once a week — if I average out the whole year. February and March…? It’s a dreary, depressing time to hit the Greenmarket, let me tell you. But in summer, I’m probably at one of the Greenmarkets a couple times during the week. Sooo… eh, it’s close enough.

Cook something I haven’t cooked before every week. I initially described this one as “the college blow-off course of the lot” and it really was. I did this — as I’m sure a lot of us did — without really even realizing it.

Prepare wonderful bento lunches. I admit, I gave up on this one. Less than halfway through the year, my husband started working from home. Husband at home + homeschooled kid + me = not a whole lot of reason to make bentos.

And now, I start to think about Resolutions: 2008. So far, I’ve got buy humanely raised meat and cook more vegetarian meals, but otherwise I’m at a loss. Suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “Resolutions: 2007 — the wrap-up

  1. On every trip to the market, try to buy at least one food you’ve never had before. (You can get quite a few trips out of the different varieties of, e.g., apples.)

  2. Food resolution suggestions only or are green-living ones allowed, too?
    Did you get rid of paper towels? I haven’t bought them in…6 months now. I’ve just started to knit dish towels and it’s pretty addictive.

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