Resolutions: 2008 (final draft)

I already mentioned my plans to buy only humanely raised meat and cook more vegetarian meals. Here’s my final list of blog-related resolutions:

Make jam. No idea how to do this, or what sort of jam to make. Maybe rhubarb. We’ll see.

Paint my kitchen yellow. Okay, I’ve had a swatch of Spiced Butternut taped to the wall for months now; I need to just finally paint it.

Plant a windowbox garden so I can grow all my own herbs. I’m thinking of setting up a windowbox outside the kitchen window with the herbs I use the most — mint, basil, dill, parsley.

Bake more often. Pretty self-explanatory. I’m going to bake more yeast breads this year.

Use less water. Also fairly self-explanatory. I use a lot of water when washing the dishes; I’m sure there must be a better way to do it.

Explore more of my city. It doesn’t seem food-related on first glance, but there’s just so much to eat in this city.

What about you?

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6 thoughts on “Resolutions: 2008 (final draft)

  1. If the idea of jam intimidates you a little, look for the kind of pectin made for freezer jam. All you have to do is mash up the fruit, add some sugar, stir in the pectin, and let it set. The you can (as the name suggests) store it in the freezer.

    Of course I think mucking around with canning is fun, and you can do the kind you need to do to make jam with a big stockpot and a basic rack.

  2. Did you do any canning this year? (Did you already mention it and I just missed it?) How does freezer jam work? Do you store it in the freezer then keep it in the fridge when you’re ready to eat it? Can I manage to make every sentence in this comment a question?

  3. I canned a bunch of tomatoes this year. Basically, you can can acidy things–fruit and tomatoes–with just a hot-water bath. To do other vegetables, you need a real pressure canner. Since my CSA doesn’t do fruit, except strawberries, I canned only tomatoes (and I think a couple jars of sauce) this year.
    I have a this kit, because if you do more than one jar you need a rack to be sure they don’t tip over or touch each other.

    Anyway, freezer jam: you can just make it and put it in the fridge if you’re going to eat it right away, or store it in the freezer and thaw it in the fridge if you make more than one jar. As opposed to “regular” jam, which you cook and then put in jars and generally spend the day, or at least the afternoon, over a hot stove making a gigantic mess but with an end result you can store on any shelf.

    I’ve only made it with strawberries, and I found it a little runnier than standard preserves, but I was also a little lazy about mashing the fruit.

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