A moment of silence, please.

Vincent Gruppuso, the founder of Kozy Shack Enterprises, a company in Hicksville, Long Island, that sells millions of four-ounce cups of pudding, particularly rice pudding, at supermarkets in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe, died Dec. 29 at his home in East Hampton, N.Y. He was 67.

I didn’t even know he existed, and yet, I loved him.


Damn, now I want pudding.

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6 thoughts on “A moment of silence, please.

  1. I, too, am a tapioca pudding person — rice pudding is always my second choice, although their European-style one is almost as good as tapioca. Almost.

  2. Weird. I just ate a Kozy Shack Rice Pudding before I read this. Shannon and I love Kozy Shack. He is particularly fond of their flan.

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