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There better be a front-runner for the nominee soon…

Because at this rate, I may forget how to cook.

Super Tuesday! Can’t cook on Super Tuesday! Not when there’s blogs to read and the Georgia results come in at 7pm!

Then I had a 1000-word piece to submit for class Wednesday — a piece no one seemed to especially like, so that kind of sucked. Dinner that night: sympathy cheeseburgers.

Thursday was Museum Day — after which an Obama-supporting waitress spotted my husband’s sticker and slipped us free cake, to which I say: damn, bring the revolution if there’s gonna be free cake, yo!

Friday was Chinatown where I bought this:

Hell if I know what a honeymansi is, but refreshing? Check. Exciting? Well, I guess. It is fruity and delightful, I’ll give it that.

Saturday was a morning of four hours of incredibly intense French — like someone flipped open the top of my head, dumped a basketful of French in, shoved it around to fit, threw some more in on top of that, then sat on my head until it was closed enough to latch shut.

Then, more primary results that afternoon and again Sunday.

Yesterday, I stared into space a lot, tried to remember when to use y or en in the passé composé, stared into space some more, tried to Google honeymansi.

And now today is Super Chesapeake Crabcake Tuesday or something.

Is it November yet?


  • Cheryl

    Speaking of Museum Day: how old was T when you went to the Star Wars exhibit? It’s here now, and I don’t know whether it should be an adults or a family outing.

    Also, now I’m dying to see any Romney art in your household.

  • tinymich

    Mmmm honeymansi! “Honey” veut dire miel, et “mansi” est une condensation de “kalamansi”, un type de citron petit et assez acide. On se utilise frequemment a la cuisine asiatique (sud-est), especialement dans les boissons — il a une saveur bien rafraichissante! Et quand on le melange avec le miel, le gout se transforme a une saveur aigre-doux — c’est tres delicieux, et il me manque beaucoup, c’est pas facile a le trouver ici :-)

    (sorry. *grin* I don’t even know if my grammar’s right, it’s been ages.)

  • Kristen

    Cheryl: We went in late 2005, so she was not quite 3. For what I remember, it… was pretty boring stuff for a little guy. It’s a lot of stuff behind glass. There was a climb-into-the-Millenium-Falcon-cockpit ride thing that I had to go into alone. Unless (your) T’s really really into the Star Wars movie, I would make it an adults-only outing.

    tinymich: Oh! Ton français est magnifique. Je suis très très jaloux. Et merci pour explique “honeymansi” pour moi! C’est fascinant!

  • Sarah

    The checkmark and the x ahahahaha!!
    You are really going to regret this when she brings home labradoodles and camping gear instead of legitimate human grandchildren.