Let’s all go to the lobby!

Tonight (presuming there are no small-child meltdowns over darkness and/or loud noises) my kid is going to see her first movie in the theater:

horton hears a who

And, of course, we will buy about $14 of very bad, greasy, salty popcorn.

What do you buy at the concession stand? More importantly, what do you wish you could buy there?

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13 thoughts on “Let’s all go to the lobby!

  1. God, I remember the mint ones. Sno-Caps and Jujy Fruits (my brother called them Juicy fruits when he was little)are omnipresent in all movie theaters in NJ. There’s even a standard line-up:
    Sno-Caps, then Jujy Fruits, then Bunch-a-Crunch, then Gummi worms, then Goobers, then Butterfinger Bites.

  2. If I may open a can of worms here – do you remember Jujubes? If you do, are you of the camp that pronounces them “joo-joobs” or “joo-joo-bees”?

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