Feature idea:

I’ve been collecting a number of odd foods to start a feature called something like I eat it so you don’t have to.

Should these posts be:

a.) text with photos?
b.) audio with photos?
c.) video?

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10 thoughts on “Feature idea:

  1. i would say, in order of preference, C, A, B. video conveys disgust the best.

    are you planning on including natto?

  2. I hadn’t planned on natto, but if I can track some down, I’m there. Right now, I’ve got a bunch of weird Mexican candy and a couple other oddities.

  3. A. I generally find video on blogs disruptive unless it’s really what the blog’s about. Plus, some of us read you at work…

    You should be able to find natto at any small asian market including those JAS markets all over the place. It’s usually in little styrofoam container that come in packs of 3.


  4. I love reaction videos; please eat the spotted dick I see at Whole Foods and would never ever buy.

  5. I’d vote for A.

    B and C are too hard for me to view/listen to here at work (um, while I’m on a lunch break).

  6. A, all the way. I’d be careful with the Mexican candy. One, it’s flat disgusting. http://www.bad-candy.com Two, it often contains lead (or did) because it’s sold by weight, not numbers of items. Given those things I love the way you write, your way with food, and would love to see you give it a go :)

  7. I was going to say video was my first choice, with text and photos my second, but then I channeled the part of me that is apparently a 12 year old boy and got the giggles about “please eat the spotted dick.” Okay, there go the giggles again. Sorry to lower the maturity level of the comments here, but I just can’t help it!

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