Oh, Chinatown.

Just when I thought you had shown me everything — from the most delightful dumplings ever to old men horking up unnameable globs onto the sidewalks — I though I had become inured to your myriad charms.

And then, I found something and fell in love all over again.

Thai Pocky!

Thai Pocky.

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6 thoughts on “Oh, Chinatown.

  1. Yea, Thai Pocky’s the “cheap kind” where I grew up. (Imports from Thailand cost a lot less than Japanes ones in Singapore because Thailand was so much closer.) Japanese Pocky has better quality chocolate — Thai Pocky, if I recall rightly (does yours have the English-translated ingredient label on it?) uses coconut oil in its chocolate, which, blech. Of course, the Japanese kind also costs 2-3x more, so.

  2. this kind of makes me want some pocky. seven years i discovered pocky and ended up buying one of those bulk packages of it. i ate so much of it i don’t think i can ever really bring myself to eat it again.

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