Asbestos sandwiches

Cat and Girl

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the above Cat and Girl comic.

Why? Because I, too, have recently found a deeply guilty pleasure:

Mayonnaise sandwiches, but worse…

Miracle Whip sandwiches.

Sometimes with potato chips in the middle.

Having admitted that, I must now go into hiding from the food blogger secret police. In my secret annex, I will keep a diary detailing my love of the foods food bloggers are supposed to hate. Oh, Velveeta! Will we ever meet again?

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5 thoughts on “Asbestos sandwiches

  1. One of my great aunts (as in my mom’s aunt) used to eat little sandwiches made of butter cookies (the ones shaped like a flower with a hole in the middle) and … wait for it … salami.

    Compared to that, I think Velveeta is perfectly normal. Besides, it makes great grilled cheese. And it’s the only cheese for mac ‘n’ cheese. Cheddar? Shudder! Oily goop!

  2. Ah, if it makes you feel any better, when I come across all 4 ingredients in one place, I must have a sandwich of Kraft singles, Miricale Whip and iceberg lettuce on Wonder bread. With salt and pepper. I rarely run into all four of those things at once, though.

  3. Pretend you didn’t hear me admit this favorite from my 7th grade after-school, home alone repertoire.

    Sandwich made with:
    white bread
    miracle whip (a staple for my step-mom, verboten with my mom)
    pringles sour cream and onion chips
    really inexpensive lunchmeat – the kind that comes in a bag – ham preferably

  4. Tomato sandwiches made with homegrown beefsteaks (still warm from the sun), Miracle Whip, white bread and salt and pepper are a Midwestern delicacy. A DELICACY! And they MUST be made with Miracle Whip. Mayo is not an acceptable substitute. As an adult, I don’t eat white bread, but I’m quite fond of the tomato sandwich on rye, with Miracle Whip. It brings a tear to the eye!

  5. Back in my vegetarian days, I used to be extremely fond of the “LT” which is, of course, the vegetarian version of the BLT. Just bread, mayo, lettuce and tomato. Sometimes I would just eat a “T.”

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