Today is the greatest something something

My classes are done for the summer. I got an A in that writing class I didn’t like, and I’m waiting to hear about the French class, but I breezed through the final exam, so I’m feeling pretty good about the final grade.

I spent my Mothers’ Day yesterday traipsing around, buying myself clothes (because on any other day, I would go, “no, I don’t really need new stuff”) and discovered that Sarah Jessica Parker’s line of clothes is actually really cute.

I’m quoted in this month’s Time Out New York Kids in an article about Washington Heights. I’ve been hilariously toned down (seriously? I haven’t said “heck” since I was about 8) and made to seem as though I’m living in the more gentrified part of the neighborhood, a slight falsehood I’m actually quite happy with, if it means my part of the neighborhood (and its rents) stays the same.

And now, despite the fact it is a rainy, windy 51° day outside today, I officially embark upon Summer 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Today is the greatest something something

  1. They’re having problems with their servers/back end, so I’ll check in again.

    I love Washington Heights, and when we move back to NYC, I have every intention of looking there for an apartment (the rents, definitely).

  2. Shoosh!

    Actually, the rents have been steadily going up around here and bargains are getting harder to find. I hear the Grand Concourse area of the Bronx is the next on-its-way-up part of town.

  3. Kristen—If you’re near Fort Tryon Park, you’re also near the wonderful Cloisters! I remember the first time I went there, it seemed so quiet and peaceful, I didn’t even feel like I was in New York.

    Congrats on the A in the writing class, by the way. I know when you started out, you were very frustrated by it.

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