Why haven’t I been posting about food recently?

I can sum up the reason in two words:

Wii. Fit.

Here’s a little film1 of how it works, if you’re out of the video-game-peripherals loop.

Upon buying the Wii Fit, which is basically an oversized scale with a bunch of really fun games, we learned a.) my kid was solidly in the underweight category, which I pretty much knew already and b.) my husband fell right on the Body Mass Index border between normal and overweight, which I didn’t know.2

So, for the past month, there has been some culinary chaos in Maison Gezellig kitchen: how does one plan meals that will fatten up one family member without fattening the other two?

It’s not as if I’ve got any great dietary revelations here; it’s just all about the calories. My husband and I have been using The Daily Plate to see exactly where all our calories have been going. Having never actually been on a diet of any sort before, that site’s been a freakin’ eye-opener, let me tell you. I now understand the allure of crappy diet sodas and fat-free salad dressings. I also now completely understand why I gained weight this winter (after following my patented Fast Food Free-for-AllĀ® diet).

And the kid has been getting as many calorie-dense foods as I can convince her to eat, and doing a little fancy footwork on my part:

(Yes, I spelled the kid’s name out in dairy products.)3

So, right now, we’re settling into a trend of calorie-dense foods for the kid and low-calorie foods for the adults, and then we all meet in the metaphorical caloric middle for dinner. And how’s it working so far?

Well, in a month, the kid has gained about a pound and my husband has lost almost ten pounds.4

Coming highlights of this site: More food posts! My neighborhood Greenmarket resumes tomorrow! I’m going to visit my mom and pig out on Massachusetts-exclusive food for a week!

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  1. And coincidentally, that charming blonde child at the start of that clip? That one’s mine. []
  2. I, like Mary Poppins, came in right in the middle of the normal range: Practically Perfect In Every Way. []
  3. And she ate it all, so… I win! []
  4. I, however, have stayed exactly the same. Hey, why mess with success? []

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