Wow. Grandma’s kind of a bitch, huh?

There’s a food-wine-travel piece by Florence Fabricant in today’s NYTimes about her recent trip with her two granddaughters to Disney World.

Now, I am not especially a Disney enthusiast. In fact, the last time I went (long before I had a kid), I had to be physically removed from what was then The Monsanto Hall of GMO Awesomeness, dragged away by my husband as I shouted that it was lies, all lies!

Still, this Fabricant piece really takes the mouse ears. The premise of the piece seems to be that Fabricant, as the benevolent self-sacrificing grandparent, agrees to take two young granddaughters to Disney World. And, aside from her disdain at finding children in the swimming pool, it turns out Disney World isn’t the complete sucking hell-hole of despair she thought it would be! You can get thousand-dollar-bottles of wine! And prix fixe dinners for $185!

But then again, what did I really expect from the grandmother of children who “know what capers are and who eat foie gras” — while the rest of us plebes need to “show children that there is more to dinner than chicken fingers and hot dogs.”

Well, congratulations, Florence. You’ve now made Disney World less appealing than ever, knowing it’ll now be filled with assholes like you.

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5 thoughts on “Wow. Grandma’s kind of a bitch, huh?

  1. Hi, long time reader, occasional commentor (toot toot).

    Kristen, this is one of those posts where I really wish you’d quit being so mealy-mouthed and worrying about hurting other people’s feelings. It’s your blog, so let it rip, I say!


    I haven’t been in any hurry to get to Disney Anything, but sheesh, hope she’s not representative of the clientèle these days.

  2. I’m sorry, I got sidetracked imaging a fleet of Donald Duck-themed foie gras wagons wheeling out on to Disney’s main drag at the crack of dawn, getting ready for yet another day of wiping tiny, greasy handprints off the playful image of Donald holding a funnel to his beak and Goofy shoving doughnuts down it….

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